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About Organizer

Founded in 2008, GWC is committed to building influential platform that connects innovators around the globe.
Driving around its member network (G-Network), GWC promotes communication and collaboration, and provides an open innovation platform to connect different sectors, industries and fields worldwide.
The G-Network now has around 1,000 corporate members around the globe. GWC's product portfolio includes GMIC, GMIC+, G-Summit, GASA University, GIF, G-Startup, RobotX Space, and many other innovation platforms. GWC also partners with Modersky, an influential music company of youth culture in China, to host cross-border brands of technology, music and entertainment "GMIC X Awards" and "G-Festival" for the general public.
Vision: To be influential platform for innovators
Mission: To Connect the World
Enable Innovation and Create Value
Values: Globalization, Integrity, Happiness and Passion
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