GMIC stands for innovation.
Since its first edition in 2009, GMIC has grown to be one of the most influential industry conferences worldwide,
connecting innovators from different countries, various industries and sectors.
In 2016, GWC added music and entertainment elements to GMIC by bringing together the first edition of GMIC X Awards and G-Festival with Modernsky.
Technology has been brought even closer to people's everyday life.
In April 2017, around 40,000 innovators from 60 countries will get together at GMIC Beijing.
Cross-border communications and innovations,
new dialogues about science and future technology,
unicorn start-ups in the next ten years…GET PREPARED!
Most Exciting Speeches
Listento talks from the world's leading minds and get real-world insights on how to put ideas into action from our multiple tracks.
New Product Launch
Get exposed to new ideas, and latest technology advancements from companies and research institutes worldwide.
Experience Convergence
Enjoy yourself at the annual party for innovators and tech-savvy, feeling the beauty of the convergence of tech-show, keynote speeches, industry forums, music festival and more.
Party and Networking
From our conference APP to closing party, GMIC offers a variety of online and offline networking opportunities for attendees - get the most out of it!
Best Promotion Platform
Share your company's work with 3,000+ industry leaders, nearly 40,000 audiences and hundreds of millions of viewers through social media worldwide.